Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Whos the Farmer?

This is not about FarmVille. This is the story of how i managed to get returns from one of the hazaar plants that tried to take shelter in my pot. I got to harvest Moong dal in my garden (If i can call one pot in my balcony my Garden :-?). The harvesting is happening in a staggered way (even though there is only one plant :D). All the beans do not ripe/dry at the same time. So i have been harvesting one at a time over the past few days. Some pics to enlighten what i am talking about. This was planted by my cousin in the already overcrowded pot a couple of months back (I think). One moong dal grain has given almost 75 moong dal grains :D. It could have been more if we had used better soil and the plant didn't get infected so early.

I have been unsuccessfully waiting for the 6 month old Lychee tree (Plant) to grow. It seems to have forgotten its purpose on this planet. Anyways, may be it didn't like the other 10 plants growing in the same pot ;). Not to forget the 6-8 Chilli plants which were quick to sprout and grow but seem to like the Lychee way of living. Next what? Time to get more pots i guess.


Madhumita Jena said...

awesome!! i should try my hand at gardening as well i guess

Maddy said...

Lychee with Chillis in the same pot- got a lot of flavors going on there :P