Saturday, January 9, 2010

Everything is "Fair" for a party

From learning Pottery to spinning tops, flying kites, folk dance to DJ. It was a visual treat and a fascinating one too. The party was on the theme of Village Fair mixed with some modern amenities for the urban folk. This is more of a photo blog, so enjoy the pics. I enjoyed the Cotton Candy :).

Getting these pics copied from Asko's book did take sometime though ;). First we tried Bluetooth, then FTP and later decided to use the usb memory lying near our laptops. Asko did have doubts on using it on his book, fear of virus i say. tch tch. I did ask him to buy a condom for it, it went in vain though. Anyways, given that format is always around the corner, he decided to take the usb stick and stick it up his book.