Friday, April 2, 2010

Cribbing is good for health

Everyone wants to have a say, be it sports, food, politics or anything and everything. But, there are no doers. Its just talk. We blog, tweet, etc to show concern on how the Tigers have stopped mating, Why India is still mediocre, Planning for a meeting to plan for the actual meeting to actually do something for the country which seldom kicks off! Where am I heading, hmmm, where else, I voted again :). I will crib about all the other people who are not voting. I am tired of hearing things like "I will vote only if None of the above option is given" or "If the candidates are worthy enough". Come on, be practical. It will take time and lots of reforms and hell lot of votes from the people who are not voting now. The political parties will never bother to improve infrastructure/facilites for the middle class because the return on investment is ZERO. Why should they do something for you if you dont even bother to take their future in your hands. Just hope all you people start taking voting seriously and participate. If you want to have access to Online Voting, prove that you are worthy enough to get such a facility.

Did you wait for the govt to come and gift you the passport? (You were ready to stand in queues and beg at the govt offices for hours together)
Did you wait at your home when you did not get your Gas on time?
So what are you waiting for now, go get yourself a Voter's Id and start voting.

One more class of people are there who go back to their hometown to vote and then blame the authorities for not doing anything in their city/town of residence. I wish people outside india show such passion for their country :).

The govt can bring a reward based rule instead of bringing a rule to punish people for not voting. Think about something like tax rebates based on your salary. I hope Mr Nandan gets the UID project on track soon!

Trust me, I am feeling much better after so much of cribbing :P