Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Cyclist

If each and every soul (who is physically fit or wants to be physically fit) staying in the radius of 5-?? KM from their work place decide to shift to cycles from the ever-polluting-fuel-hogging-monsters then the world might suffer a bit less. Over the past couple of decades the climatic conditions seem to have changed a lot. In fact, don't blame me if you get sick by breathing in the 21st century air when cycling. May be our bodies are getting used to the air or may be the cars are equipped with better quality ACs.

When i shifted to bangalore in June 2005, it was a very cold place where people didn't know what summer was. Of course, it was polluted even then. Many more people claim that it was much better a decade back. The software industry started growing in the garden city and along with it the real estate business. It was like a chain reaction. One industry leading to the development of the other and over a period of time anything and everything was overvalued. Bangalore became the center of India. Anything above it was North India and below South India. IT industry was blamed for the ever-rising-living-costs. Nobody wanted to mention the house owners who were never satisfied with the earthly rentals @#$@#$!!! How did i forget the govt which never wants to improve the infrastructure? Okay, let me not get into politics now. Where was i :-? ...

Hmmm ... pollution. Why are the roads so dirty and air so polluted? Ever polluting overloaded trucks, shady autos, buses, old vehicles or any other thing that coughs out smoke. I guess the problem is more severe and basic than what it seems like. Every vehicle that runs on the road leave its mark, some in the form of sand and some in garbage. These spills are the ones that mostly spoil the roads and add to it the digging woes, we get apna very own sexy roads - too curvy :P. Somebody dig a grave for these diggers i say. The most senseless activities are undertaken by the authorities in ALL parts of our country. How do you expect to have a clean and green city/country if basics are violated. Only a handful of cities are clean in India. I can preach lots more, but i am tired of typing now.

Why have i moved on to a cycle? For being green, saving fuel and feel happy? Just felt like, no particular love for environment ;). I never harmed it anyways :D

I amaze myself. I start with some title and end up writing about something else. Time to write a story for apna bollywood.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shakes & Creams

August, 1992. Family of four shifted to the City of Sun and beaches (Sweat goes unsaid). The 2 kids, the naughtiest ever, were excited to be in the city. This became their land of dreams. All that the 9-10 year olds can think about is Chocolates and Ice Cream. Nothing less, nothing more. Father, being the sweetest and not realizing what more the kids can demand, took the family to a place where only Ice Creams & Milk Shakes were served. After living in a town for most part of their chotu lives, the kids were amazed that the whole joint was specifically meant only for ICE CREAMS!!! The kids were over the moon (dreaming about 2 cones with double scoops in both the hands and four flavors). They were confused and were not able to decide on what to order. After a stringent round of elimination process from the menu ("inky, pinky, ponky..." ), 2 items were selected. Mouth was watering, eyes were glowing. The wait for the biggest sundae of their lives was over. After a long wait, the waiter had placed the sundaes on the table. The kids sneaked over the table and looked into the eyes of their parents to check if they would scold them if they grabbed the sundae. After seeing the re-assuring smile, the kids jumped on their seats and started gobbling the goodies. The older one was able to finish his sundae, the younger one was hardly able to finish half of it. Father knew that the small one is going to gift away most part of his sundae to him (as usual). The small boy had actually consumed more than expected. Everyone was surprised. That was the best ice cream the boy ever had in his life. This became a weekly routine for the kids for long time to come.

As the years passed by, kids became boys, boys became teens, teens became adolescents, then adults, but nothing much changed in the Ice Cream front. Weekly affair to partying to treats to get together to dates to hang outs, anything and everything, this was the place for the boys and girls of the locality (and also many more souls wandering around the world). This place, my dear readers, is/was the "Shakes & Creams" on top of the Adyar bakery in Chennai. The Waiters ensured that the appetite of the customers hit alarming levels before they decide to serve the ice creams.

Shakes & Creams started as an ice cream only joint and later added lots of unnecessary items to its menu. The quality of ice creams and other new dishes was on a steep decline around 2004-05. The place which was over crowded and the most happening place in the locality slowly became the most horrible place around. With the rise of CCD's and Pizza culture, S&C was running out of time and business steadily. Alas, the once loyal kids never turned up to this place. Not even to remember the good old times. The memories were there in their hearts but the place just didn't remind them of the good times. The kids had no idea what might happen to this place. They moved on with their lives and shifted out of the city one fine day.

Time just flies, many years passed (not too many), the younger one came to the city to visit his family. He noticed that the S&C was renovated and it was appealing for one last chance before totally dumping it from the must-go places in town. Given that the relationship with the place is long standing than most of the friendships, he decided to give it a try, the last chance to prove itself.

Funny isn't it, the same kid for whom the place was a heaven during childhood was pleading him to return for one last time before ignoring it for eternity. In life, we start ignoring the once important-caring-loving people and fail to give them one last chance. Wonder how many such important-caring-loving people are still waiting for their loved little ones to give just one missed call. Move-on-man attitude has not done good to the youngsters, they are just moving away but not moving on anyways :). The generation gap between the parents and kids seems to be miles apart. May be the G-gap between our parents and grand parents was not too much. The rise of technology and uncertainty in life has surely led to this revolution (being optimistic to call that a revolution!! Shame on me).

The last chance was given to S&C. It turned out to be one helluva treat. He was shocked to see that the quality of ice cream served was same as the one he ate for the first time. The pricing, quality and quantity were amazing and nobody in this universe will be able to match this. Down with the CCDs and other Cafe joints where one has to pay a fortune for a sip of coffee and a feel of ice cream.

Sorry for the lover boys/girls, this is no longer a place suited for dating. You will be sitting right across a super mart entrance =). Good times guaranteed for the family and friends who just want to chill out and bite the dust.. oops .. ice creams.

Need i mention that i was the younger kid (of course, my brother being the older one). Am loving it! One more time ! (Wait till McD sues me)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Evolution of human species is a very interesting topic. It is said that as the years pass by Human brain evolves and becomes more intelligent and humane. However, there is one example right below which shows how an angel slowly transitions to evil :D.