Friday, December 18, 2009

Move V

2009 is drawing to a close. The last 2 weekends will be busy ones. More about them when they become past tense :). I have a long list of movies which are there on my system begging to be watched. I am more interested in watching Avatar/3 Idiots in theatre. Its been ages since I went for a movie in a theatre. Damn costly tickets i say. Its lack of options that drives the ticket sales at the insanely priced Multiplexes. All the crooks have joined hands and have similar pricing patterns. I don't feel that the recession is over but the retail and entertainment industry claims that recession is history. When people say worst is behind them, they should know whether its right behind to come back any moment or its history. I still feel its just standing next to me waiting for a chance >:). I wish Bangalore had more Multiplexes than the number of upcoming states. If these people continue such pricing practices, I don't see an end to the piracy business. I would feel bad to watch a pirated movie if the ticket costs were around 30-40 bucks. At 250-1k per ticket, i am encouraged to go the wrong way. On one hand we have the TV channels which play a new movie for 6 hrs (#@$@#) on the other hand the magnificent Multiplexes. Difficult choice eh? Anyways, whats the point of ranting in my blog :P, i will continue my movie watching in HBO/Star Movies.

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