Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be Kind, Rewind

Tring Tring (Of course, I am not going to type the junk tunes that my reliance box gives out), rang my mobile phone; I was on my way to Agra from chennai (looong train journey); the number was different and it seemed like an ISD number. I wondered who this could be, i decided to pick the call (Given that i was looking out for a job then and was optimistic, he he).  It was my school friend. It was her marriage and she invited me. I was touched. It has been almost 8 long years since i was in touch with most of my school mates. I was really happy. I was happy to know that she was trying to reach out to each of our batchmates and invite them personally to her marriage. You don't come across such people these days, do you? 

I managed to attend her reception this long weekend. It was very nostalgic to see my high school classmates. I had a chance to interact with them again. I don't know whether i was snobbish (of course, "Amrit" was Snobbish) or just a jerk in school (and possibly, a jerk too). I never interacted too much with girls back then (okay, don't fall off ur chairs and start laughing).  I don't intend to reason out why i was like that! Anyways, i did get to interact with some of them again. I hope they don't see me as the same snobbish guy now ;).  Some of them had kids and i was like wow. Everyone had taken new roles in life, and were really responsible and mature.  It was a wonderful sight.  Thanks to her marriage that i was able to re-connect with my friends again. A very sweet gesture indeed.

There are plans to have a Re-Union in 2011 (10 years since we left the school). I hope more friends turn out for that event. No one stops anyone from meeting before that anyways. Sometimes you wonder how difficult it is to pick up your phone and reach out to your friends or just drop a "Hi" mail ... 

[One more sentibega blog, and everyone will boycott ur blog forever!!! ] 


Venkey said...

good one :-)...Whose marriage was that? who all had come?

amritevil said...

@Venkey: Lathipa's marriage da ..