Thursday, March 19, 2009

25 Random things

What facebook can do to you!!

1. I don't know why i am on this planet. I am just another insignificant soul.
2. I forgive anyone and everyone because i forget why i was angry on them.
3. My memory is weak and i don't remember names very easily.
4. I love my bike, maggi, ice creams, cooking and numbers
5. I can play video/computer games non-stop for long hours
6. I love my family and friends. They believe in my abilities more than i do :D
7. I can be boring, exciting, caring, loving, irritating, ignoring, annoying, etc at the same time
8. I react differently to the same thing under exactly same conditions.
9. I believe random decisions are sweeter than planned ones
10. My advises are usually sarcastic and would never make any sense. Advising is sin!
11. I like to take my decisions. Tossing a coin usually assists me.
12. I think my knowledge on finance is slightly better than other ppl in my field. Though most of my investments are in red ;)
13. I want to be a bad man. Villains get to be happy for 99% of their life.
14. If i would have failed in school, i would have become a fugitive. You never know what will happen if i lose my job one more time. Being a corrupt govt officer is also an option.
15. I am a pessimist. Pessimism brings the best out of you. if u can get hit, u will get hit. (oh, was that murphy's law?)
16. Half my teeth are gone, others are waiting for their turn.
17. Senseless movies are better than sensible ones. Movies are for entertainment not for reality bites.
18. I don't have dressing sense and can never become a marketing or sales guy.
19. People remember me for my stupid (& insane) -{ thoughts, words, actions }.
20. In my presence, others also tend to become senseless, evil and insane.
21. I try to keep things simple and brief.
22. I contradict myself. I am prejudiced. I don't take anything at face value.
23. My English grammar sucks big time and i am dumber than what people think of me.
24. I don't plan, it just happens and later i forget that it happened.
25. I have not reviewed or edited what i wrote above and will not edit it in the future. As usual!
0.a. life seems better only after bad things have happened, you don't appreciate life if everything is cheesy.
0.b. I wrote this because i have been tagged by so many of my friends, i have internet connection, lots of time to waste and make sure others will soon follow suit. This weirdly numbered points are there to point out that i am a CS guy and i am bad at it.


Shravan Swarup said...

Hey tell me something i dont know da.. but one thing i must say at least u proved that i was worng.. I thought along with all these traits you were a lazy as well.. :)

amritevil said...

Laziness and short tempered nature have been ignored on purpose .. how much more will i damage my personality online =) ... tell me abt it

YogiKamat said...

Thats called coming clean before getting married... Looks like you are trying to make it clear as to who is going to do the dishes..

amritevil said...

@Yogi: of course some lies are part and parcel when i utter some words ;)