Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just like that

Most of the times i love to start with something like "Its been long time since  I did this that blah blah ... ". This is no different. I managed to start with the same words ;). In 2010, I have been to the theatres 4 times already. This is equal to the entire 2009 or may be more. Recession is gone? Dream on buddy! I would love to write a review of all the movies I watched but unfortunately my memory power is not helping me.
But I do have a parody for one of the songs (Co-created by 3 Idiots - Shravan, Asko and Me):
Give him some shoe shine, give him a brain,
Give him another trance, He wont dance again...
Na Na Na
Na Na Na
Give him a sore throat, Give him some pain (if possible lots of pain),
Give him another glance, he wont sing again...
Na Na Na
Na Na Na

No points for guessing who "him" is. Anyways, apart from doing such humorless and uncreative stuff, i have been upto nothing. Which is good because thats what i have been doing for so many years in a row now. Am a veteran! :). End of 2009, had been on a road trip to Goa. Hopefully will post a blog for that sometime this year (before i forget the places visited, routes taken, etc).

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As i see it said...

Brilliant lyrics i say.. You should try submitting this to the oscars or wherever they appreciate such talent..