Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gone with the wind

Is it just me?

June 2001: swimming+skating. One month affair. >:)
Mar/Apr 2003: Website designing. few months may be :-?
June 2003: Gymming, hmmm, i dont remember a thingy.
May 2005: I started blogging. I stopped blogging (
Oct 2007: Re-Started Blogging. Stopped Blogging again !!! ( Current one)
Oct 2007: Started playing Tennis. By december, my love for tennis vanished
Feb 2008: Inline Skating. No Comments
May 2008: Running + Gym. By Sep 2008, it was curtains
Jan 2009: Restarted Blogging. Current status is not encouraging :).
Mar 2009: Cycling to office. After 6 weeks break, restarted again last week :D

Just a few of them which i remember. I might have missed a lots of things in the above list.
Wonder how many more hobbies to be developed and left half way through. Probably learning a foreign language next ;). No comments on Investing because its not my hobby :P. Did i forget cooking :-? ...



PS2, Fish...i can recollect just these 2....

amritevil said...

Auarium is still there and ther is gold fish in it, so it is not counted. PS2 is definitely a missed candidate :D