Friday, January 16, 2009

Duplicate RC book

Jan 1st 2007, i made a resolution that i will get my duplicate RC made and today, Jan 16th 2009, i have applied for it :). I want to list out the TODOs to get a duplicate RC book so that people will be able to get it done easily without too much of a hassle (i can't help you if you are good for nothing).

Simple Advise:
1. Do not get in contact with the Middle Men. RTO guys are straight forward and no one takes a bribe to get stuff done (atleast they won't ask for one). Kudos to Bangalore Central RTO employees.
2. Working hours for the Assistant RTO is 10:00 to 13:30 hrs. Ensure that you are not caught off guard.
3. The RTO officials believe in a step by step procedure and they don't like over smart people asking too many questions at the same time. You will be given info about the current step and not the future steps.

Necessary Documents:
1. Police Complaint Challan
2. Affidavit requesting for Duplicate RC book
3. Photo ID proof
4. Address proof (In case address change is required)
5. Form 26 (Duplicate RC book)
6. Form 33 (Change of Address)
7. Copy of Motor Insurance (which is not expired, of course)
8. Copy of old RC book/ Road Tax paper (not necessary but handy doc)
(In case your vehicle is taken on loan then you might need to get approval from the corresponding banks on the form 26).

Stepwise actions:
1. Go to the nearest police station (preferably the station in your locality or RTO's locality). You have to handover a letter addressed to the Sub Inspector of police requesting application for duplicate RC book due to the loss of original one. The sub inspector of police will issue a challan with your name and a statement which says "RC Book Missing". This challan has to be attached with the form 26.
[ The police guy was quick and gave it to me in no time. The only bad part was that he requested for INR 100. As far as i know, we need not pay the police. Since i believe that the police officers in India are underpaid, i didn't make too much of a noise and shelled out the bucks. I hope the govt realizes the importance of paying the security guys nicely. This will eliminate corruption to a great extent.]
2. Get the Affidavit made on a INR 20 Stamp paper. There will atleast be a single shop near the RTO office which will be supplying such affidavits. You need to get your details printed on that in the same shop. [The shop guy charged me INR 120 to get it done. He gave me a useless bill when i demanded for one]
3. Collect form 26 and form 33 from the RTO reception (or ask some police guy/RTO official). Fill the forms appropriately and strike off the sections which are not applicable. The owner of the vehicle should be signing the forms.
4. Buy a simple file which will hold your papers(called as the RTO file in the nearby stationery shops). The papers can either be stapled or tied using a tag and should be attached to the file. It will be good to have the details like Name, Registration Number and the reason written on top of the file. (Give your mobile and phone numbers generously)
5. Goto the Superintendent of RTO and submit your file to him/her. He/She will verify the documents and forms. In case everything is fine, he will sign on the forms with the date. You will be sent to the ARTO.
6. ARTO will verify your ID proof (original ID card) and attest on the form.
7. Pay the fees at the cashier (INR 35 for form 26 and INR 20 for form 33).
8. Take back the file with the cash receipts attached to the Superintendent. He/She will sign the receipts too.
9. Submit the file to the reception or the person who collects the files (please find out from the RTO)
10. The person will hand out a chit with a date for receiving the updated document(s). Retain the slip carefully and make sure you remember the request number written on the chit (Just in case).

Thus, you have completed the procedure for applying for a duplicate copy of your RC book and also have the address on your RC book changed. I will update on how we receive the duplicate copy. I got a date of 27th Jan, 2009.

I have written the steps which i had to go through. Optimization may vary depending on how badly you fill the forms and act on your D day ;).


Collected my duplicate RC book on 30th Jan. No trouble in getting it done. The superintendent had to sign in few places, the other guy had to put the seal all over the RC book. You need to be patient as well as active to get your work done.


Karthik said...

Hi Amrit,

Thank you. Can this be done without the Motor insurance- not updated it because the RC book has gone missing :-( .


amritevil said...


1. You don't require Original RC book to get the motor insurance done. If you happen to have a photo copy of your old RC book, that is good enough.
2. Get the motor insurance done before you apply for duplicate RC book.

venkateswarlu said...

i have lost my two wheeler. along with that i have lost my original RC book. I have given a complient in near police station. They have given the FIR copy. When i submitted all the copies to insurence office , they are asking affidavit for the loss of RC book. Now my questiuon is how to raise affidavit and what we need to write in the affidavit?

amritevil said...

1. Goto the police station near your house or RTO.
2. The Police will guide you to write an affidavit and they will attest it.
The contents of the affidavit should have the following details:
- Name, Address, Vehicle Reg No.
- Circumstances under which your RC book was lost.
- Request for affidavit so that you can get insurance money

Affidavit is a small sheet of paper signed by the SI of the police station. You can submit the original to the insurance company (remember to retain copies of all the docs involved).

drop a mail to in case you want to get info.

Venkatesh said...

Hi Amrit,
Thanks for the vital information. In my case I have lost both the documents (RC and license). I have a FIR report of the same. But to get a duplicate RC copy, the insurance I have is expired. And I don't have a old copy of the RC either. Please let me know what can be done in this case.

Nancy said...

Hi, I bought a 4 wheeler via ICICI bank after paid full amount. Can I get the duplicate RC book with out any copies, because ‘x’ owner refuse to give either RC book or insurance papers to bank. Actually, the so called bank ceased the vehicle from the owner who has not paid the dues. Now I have a couple of papers which is given by bank and is going to expired soon. Could you help me to sort out this problem.

amritevil said...

Show the FIR report to the insurance company and try to get your Insurance renewed. If that doesn't work out, try to approach the RTO without middlemen. The vehicle is yours and you have lost vital documents. Its not a crime but the RTO & Insurance company might make you go for some rounds before u get it done.

amritevil said...

Yes, you can get your RC book done with the bank documents. I am not aware of the what happens to the insurance and so on. I hope the insurance is not expired. You might have to renew it and ensure that its in your name.

Savvy said...


I have only just started proceedings with the RTO Pune to procure a duplicate RC.

Thanks to your blog post, I atleast had an idea of where to begin.

In addition to the police complaint, Insurance papers, copy of drivers license (photo id), a handwritten application and form 26 - the Pune RTO asks for a valid PUC and a pencil etching of your chasis number from your vehicle (could also be because I did not have a xerox of the RC), and that the registered person be present during procedings. Total charge Rs 57.

I have been asked to come back after 3 days and verify details to be added to the new smartcard RC. Fees for which will be Rs 350.

asha said...

My brother brought a bike from a second party by paying the full amount. He was given all the orginal documents.He lost it & recently he has expired. So pls help us out in what could be done in this regard to get a dupilcate RC

amritevil said...

@Asha: If possible request the previous owner to get the original documents and then later transfer it to your name.

anu said...

I am anuradha, from Bangalore i have lost both the documents and insurance copy. i do not have any documents but i would like to take a duplicate RC book and insurance company does not insure without documents can you plz help!

Vikram said...

Hi, anuradha
Did u find any solution.My case is even worst ; mine is second hand bike and lost my RC book and no xerox
copies also.
I don't know what to do. please help me

abhi said...

I know this sounds pretty irresponsible but i hadn't renewed the insurance for a long long time almost 5 years now, and add on this my rc book is lost along with all the old insurance documents. how do i go about to get a duplicate rc book??

amritevil said...

@abhi: You are stuck in a chicken-egg problem. I am sure there are many of them with such problems.

It would be helpful for you if you have atleast one document/copy which proves that you are the owner of the vehicle. If you have got atleast one proof, you can apply for insurance first through a private insurance company. No point heading to the police or RTO first.

rajeesh said...

thanks amrit for the vital information provided by you. my rc and insurance papers also got i have got an idea...where to start on....thanks

asha said...

Hi Amrit,

This is Asha again, we tried to find the perosn where my brother bought the vehicle but we couldnt trace out. What to do . Pls advice.

rajeev said...

Hi Amrit,

Similar to abhi, I have lost my RC book and I dont have copy of insurance too which as expired. Could you please help me out. I am in mumbai now but my bike is in bangalore. Your response would be much appreciated

amritevil said...

@Asha: I am not sure. I would suggest consult some garage/mechanic if it is possible. Try to do it without bribing and do let us know.

@Rajeev: You need to have the bike with you when you go to renew your expired Insurance. Rest is same as what i mentioned for @Abhi.

krisna said...

Thank you for giving good instructions

Midnight said...
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Midnight said...

Hi Amrit,

I lost my RC book and right now I am abroad. Could you let me know what are the procedures for authorising a friend to request for duplicate RC book? The insurance is also in my name. Does the RTO accept just copies of my ID proof, if I provide an authorisation letter to my friend? Please advise.

Ram said...

Thanks for giving detailed information.Hope this will help me to get my bike duplicate RC.

Vannu said...

hi karthik, have a doubt, lost my rc for my ford ikon recently misplaced it actually, have a doubt, in the rto site they ve mentioned as attested copies of documents. How do u get the attestation?

Sanj said...

thanks this was a very useful post!

Vasu said...

HI Amrit,

Thanks for useful info.

We bought a car in bangalore and shifted to chennai recently. We did not get NOC and change the address for the vehicle also. Moreover, I lost Rc book also now.

I'm planning to go bangalore and apply for duplicate one. Can you pls let me know whether RTO people will handover the RC book by hand, so that I can go again and collect the RC book personally.

Please advice me.


Abhishek said...

Hi Amrit. Applied successfully for a duplicate RC book following your blog at the Electronic City RTO.

Took me all of 45 mins and about INR 500 odd.

The agents kept asking me from INR 2000/- to INR 3000/- for this work.

The only thing, a copy of the emission certificate is needed along with the application if the vehicle is more than a year old.

Thanks a lot !!

Anonymous said...

Thanks man for the instructions ....
I've done all and got the slip from the he rto office and still waiting for the rc card to be sent to my address .... One problem though ... It's taking too long ... Is there anyway to fast
forward things in here ???

Anonymous said...

Thanks man for the instructions ....
I've done all and got the slip from the he rto office and still waiting for the rc card to be sent to my address .... One problem though ... It's taking too long ... Is there anyway to fast
forward things in here ???